Pre-Law Program


Welcome to Georgia State Pre-Law!

Are you a Pre-Law student? Are you thinking about going to law school someday? You’ve come to the right place!

The Georgia State University Pre-Law website provides news, resources and advice to help you do the following and more.

  • Make an informed decision about whether or not to go to law school
  • Choose an academic course of study to prepare you for success in law school and beyond
  • Understand why it is important to seek internships and other experiential learning opportunities
  • Learn what you should do during your freshman, sophomore and junior years to prepare for getting accepted into a strong law school
  • Learn what you must do your junior and senior years to be successful in the law school admissions process
  • Make an informed decision about where to go to law school
  • Find people on and off campus to go to for Pre-Law advice


scotus-building-2aeccfh-e1439756069711Join the active Pre-Law student groups on campus — Pre-Law Club, Mock Trial Team, National Black Law Student Association (Pre-Law Division) and Criminal Justice Student Association.

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Check out GSU CONLAWPEDIA, a GSU student-generated encyclopedia of the U.S. Constitution.


Dr. Michael Evans, lecturer in GSU’s Department of Political Science, is the faculty adviser for the Pre-Law Club and Mock Trial Team; and he created and maintains the Pre-Law website. Other Political Science faculty who also are valuable members of GSU’s extensive network of Pre-Law advisers are included here.

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