New Publication: Gender Stereotypes Limit Power of Female Presidents Across Cultures

Posted On May 1, 2019

Female presidents have less power to shape policy and are held to higher standards in key policy areas than male presidents, according to a study led by associate professor of political science Dr. Ryan E. Carlin. The article, “Presidents’ Sex and Popularity: Baselines, Dynamics and Policy Performance,” was published by the British Journal of… more »

New Publication: Rap Music Influences Attitudes about Black Feminism

Dr. Lakeyta M. Bonnette-Bailey finds a significant positive impact for the exposure to political rap on the agreement with Black feminist attitudes in a new study published by the New Political Science Journal.

The study, authored by GSU’s Dr. Bonnette-Bailey and Dr. Nadia E. Brown of Purdue University, randomly assigned a total of 175… more »

New Faculty Publication on “Polarizing Polities: A Global Threat to Democracy”

Dr. Jennifer McCoy, Distinguished University Professor of Political Science, has published her latest volume as a guest co-editor and chapter author on “Polarizing Polities: A Global Threat to Democracy” along with Dr. Murat Somer of Koç University. The ANNALS volume features a chapter by Tahmina Rahman, PhD Candidate in Political Science… more »

Washington Post Features Richey’s New Book: Google and Democracy

Ever wondered how can Google affect democracy? GSU’s Dr. Sean Richey and Dr. J. Benjamin Taylor, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, tackle this interesting relationship in a new book entitled Google and Democracy: Politics and the Power of the Internet. The newly released book is featured in the Washington Post through an interview… more »