New Publication: Post-Election Violence in Africa

Dr. Meshack Simati, a 2018 Political Science PhD graduate of GSU, had a new book published by Routledge on post-election violence in Africa.

The book, entitled Post-Election Violence in Africa: The Impact of Judicial Independence, discusses the impact of the judiciary on the incidence of post-election violence by political actors across Africa and within African… more »

New Publication on Elite Corruption in Post-conflict Kosovo

PhD student Chris Jackson published a research paper in the Journal of European Integration. The study, entitled “The EU and rule of law development in Kosovo: EULEX, domestic spoilers, and a two-level commitment problem,” addresses the problem of persistent elite corruption in post-conflict Kosovo. The author argues that despite the presence of the EU… more »

Carey Links the Global Wave of Protests to Internal Immigration

Dr. Henry F. (Chip) Carey, Associate Professor of Political Science, discusses the common reason behind demonstrations that have swept across a lot of countries recently.

“Numerous anti-government protests have paralyzed cities across the globe for months, from La Paz, Bolivia, to Santiago, Chile, and Monrovia, Liberia, to Beirut,” he wrote. “… [T]hey also share… more »

New Publication: Local Accountability and National Coordination in Fiscal Federalism

Only when democratic decentralization is combined with the integration of political parties, fiscal federalism will consistently deliver on its governance promises, Dr. Charles Hankla and coauthors argue in a new book.

Using data from 135 countries across 30 years in addition to comparative case studies of Senegal and Nigeria, the authors formalized… more »

New Publication: Holocaust Remembrance after Communism

The Cornell University Press has published a new book by Dr. Jelena Subotic, Professor of Political Science at Georgia State University, on the memory of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe following the end of Communism.

Yellow Star, Red Star inquires about the reasons behind the troubled memory of the Holocaust in the countries… more »

New Publication: Political Debates have Different Impact on Men vs. Women

GSU’s Dr. Sarah Allen Gershon and PhD candidate Kristina LaPlant found that men and women experience different emotional reactions during political debates, based on evidence from the first presidential debate of 2016.

In their study published by the Journal of Political Behavior, Gershon and LaPlant – along with their co-authors Kim L. Fridkin and… more »

New Publication: Gender Stereotypes Limit Power of Female Presidents Across Cultures

Posted On May 1, 2019

Female presidents have less power to shape policy and are held to higher standards in key policy areas than male presidents, according to a study led by associate professor of political science Dr. Ryan E. Carlin. The article, “Presidents’ Sex and Popularity: Baselines, Dynamics and Policy Performance,” was published by the British Journal of… more »

New Publication: Rap Music Influences Attitudes about Black Feminism

Dr. Lakeyta M. Bonnette-Bailey finds a significant positive impact for the exposure to political rap on the agreement with Black feminist attitudes in a new study published by the New Political Science Journal.

The study, authored by GSU’s Dr. Bonnette-Bailey and Dr. Nadia E. Brown of Purdue University, randomly assigned a total of 175… more »

New Faculty Publication on “Polarizing Polities: A Global Threat to Democracy”

Dr. Jennifer McCoy, Distinguished University Professor of Political Science, has published her latest volume as a guest co-editor and chapter author on “Polarizing Polities: A Global Threat to Democracy” along with Dr. Murat Somer of Koç University. The ANNALS volume features a chapter by Tahmina Rahman, PhD Candidate in Political Science… more »