Is Trump Master Negotiator or Malleable Amateur? Hankla’s Take

Posted On June 13, 2018

Charles Hankla, Associate Professor of Political Science, explains the dangers of Trump’s inconsistent and aggressive trade policies in an opinion piece published by The Conversation. “Inconsistent and aggressive trade policies, whether produced by a master negotiator or a malleable amateur, risk poisoning the mutual trust necessary to make such a system function,” Hankla argues. The… more »

Pariah to Pulitzer: Lakeyta Bonnette-Bailey Discusses Rap Music’s Path

Posted On May 9, 2018
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Writing to The Conversation, Associate Professor Lakeyta Bonnette-Bailey discusses how Rap music made it to the Pulitzer Prize after being fought for years. “While some have attempted to silence rap because of its raw portrayal of life in inner-city communities, people increasingly see its value. Like slave narratives, rap music has given an authentic… more »

Gedamu for Monkey Cage: Is Ethiopia Opening to Democracy?

Posted On February 10, 2018
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Following the regime’s recent decision to pardon a number of political prisoners, is Ethiopia opening — ever so slightly — to democracy?

Yohannes Y. Gedamu, who recently concluded his PhD in Political Science at GSU, answers this question for the readers of the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog. Gedamu asserts that “the ruling party installed… more »

On Trump’s ‘America First’ Trade Policy, Charles Hankla Opines

Posted On November 21, 2017
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Charles Hankla questions the success of Trump’s recent trip to Asia through a brief discussion of economic history. The associate professor of political science points out that “President Trump’s approach to trade seems to be based on a false understanding of how the global economy works, one that also plagued American policymakers nearly a century… more »

Jennifer McCoy: Venezuela in Dark Place, But There are Ways Forward

Posted On November 21, 2017
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Writing for the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, Dr. Jennifer McCoy analyzes the Venezuelan ongoing crisis. The department’s Distinguished University Professor of Political Science lays out a roadmap that hopefully can “interrupt Venezuela’s current slide into a failed economy and a repressive state” and get the country out of the “dark place” it is… more »