Is Trump Master Negotiator or Malleable Amateur? Hankla’s Take

Posted On June 13, 2018

Charles Hankla, Associate Professor of Political Science, explains the dangers of Trump’s inconsistent and aggressive trade policies in an opinion piece published by The Conversation. “Inconsistent and aggressive trade policies, whether produced by a master negotiator or a malleable amateur, risk poisoning the mutual trust necessary to make such a system function,” Hankla argues. The… more »

Henry Carey Discusses Trump’s “Sultanism” on NPR

Henry Carey, GSU’s Associate Professor of Political Science, discusses Trump’s “sultanism” with Neal Conan on his NPR show Truth, Politics and Power. Carey explains how the current administration’s penchant for making impulsive decisions based on personal relationships is an example of “sultanism” that echoes similar styles of Stalin, Kennedy, Nixon, and the Kims of… more »