Carlin, Students in Washington Post on COVID-19, Leadership

Does the public rally behind leaders who get covid-19? Writing for the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage, Dr. Ryan Carlin and student researchers at GSU’s Pollitik public opinion lab analyzed the approval of five incumbent executives worldwide who contracted COVID-19. The authors found that personal leadership rallies — a bump in popularity after covid-19 diagnosis… more »

Kelsi Quick Wins Two GSURC Awards

Kelsi Quick, a GSU Political Science undergraduate student, has won two research awards at the GSU Undergraduate Research Conference (GSURC) for her paper entitled, “Double Standards? Approval Ratings of Male and Female Prime Ministers During National Security Crises.”

Ms. Quick was awarded the first place Global Engagement Award from the Office of International Initiatives… more »

Two POLS Students Presented at the GSURC 2019

Two student recipients of the University Assistantship under the sponsorship of the Political Science Department presented their work at the 2019 GSU Undergraduate Research Conference (GSURC).

Both being Honors College Students and Presidential Scholars, Kelsi Quick and Jenny Pham worked under the supervision of Political Science faculty. Supervised by Dr. Ryan Carlin,… more »