Political Survey Research Lab

The Department of Political Science at Georgia State University offers the services of our state-of-the-art polling center to companies and organizations outside of the university.


Our polling center has 25 computers dedicated, designated and available for use by our polling team. Our workstations have CATI survey research software that randomly calls telephone numbers. The random-digit dialing process calls randomly-selected numbers and shows workers a prewritten questionnaire to read to the respondent. Workers then record responses to the questions in a computer program.

This infrastructure and our services are available for use on your survey research projects. All survey research procedures used in our lab are cutting-edge. Dr. Sean Richey is the director of the Political Survey Research Lab in the Department of Political Science at Georgia State University. Please contact him for more information about this valuable tool for data analytic survey research at 404-413-6152 or srichey@gsu.edu.