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Sarah Allen Gershon

Associate Professor    ,

Ph.D. Arizona State University 2008


American Politics, Political Behavior, Gender, Race, Ethnicity.


Dr. Sarah Allen Gershon is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Georgia State University.  She received her Ph.D. from Arizona State University in 2008. Her research focuses primarily on the incorporation of traditionally underrepresented groups (including women, and racial and ethnic minorities) into the American political system. In seeking to explain the challenges faced by these groups, Dr. Gershon’s work emphasizes the role of communication, campaigns and political attitudes. Her work combines research from multiple fields and relies on a diverse set of methods, including content analysis, experimentation, surveys and in-depth interviews. Dr. Gershon’s research has been published in several academic journals, including Political Communication; Political Research Quarterly; the Journal of Women, Politics and Policy; Social Science Quarterly and the Journal of Politics.