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Periloux Peay

Assistant Professor    

Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Oklahoma Norman, OK.
M.A. - Sam Houston State University (2016)
B.S. - Lamar University (2008)


Black Politics, American Political Institutions, Public Policy, Social Movements


Periloux Peay is an Assistant Professor in the department of Political Science at Georgia State University. He received my Ph.D. from The University of Oklahoma in 2020. His scholarly interest center on questions of the influence of racial identity and the representation of group-specific policy interests in political institutions. He draws on theories of the public policy process to examine how those from under-represented communities employ collective strategies to shape political agendas and outcomes from within and outside American political institutions.

His work on the Congressional Black Caucus examines how the Congressional Black Caucus has transformed from a loosely-tied group of Black lawmakers to a cohesive caucus with tremendous leverage over legislative processes by leaning on a collective approach to reorienting legislative attention, strategically defining and re-defining policy problems and solutions, serving in key information brokerage positions, and building diverse and sizeable coalitions within the chamber. His work on social movements focuses largely on the strategies, challenges, and effectiveness of #BlackLivesMatter in seeking police reform at the national and state level. To explore these questions and others, he draws on a diverse set of empirical tools including Social Network Analysis and a Bayesian approach to Maximum Likelihood Estimation. His work has been published in outlets such as the Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics and Social Science Quarterly,

Research Interests
Race and Representation, Policing Policy, Voting Rights, Protests