Helpful Links for GSU Graduate Students

Political Science Associations

  • APSA – American Political Science Association is the professional organization for the study of Political Science. As members of the Graduate Student Association, students also have access to membership with APSA.
  • ISA – International Studies Association is the most respected and widely recognized scholarly association dedicated to international studies. Several faculty and students of international relations and comparative politics are active members of ISA and attend the annual conference.
  • MPSA – Midwest Political Science Association is the regional professional organization for the study of Political Science. Many Political Science graduate students are members of MPSA and both faculty and students are encouraged to attend the annual conference held by MPSA.
  • SPSA – Southern Political Science Association is the regional professional organization for the study of Political Science. Political Science @ STATE is an active participant of the SPSA and strongly encourages graduate students to attend and eventually present the annual conference and other events held by SPSA.


  • GSU Technology Services – Several software programs (including Grammarly Proofreading Tool and the Microsoft ProPlus Office Suite) are licensed by the university and available to download for free in order to assist students, faculty, and staff with essential academic, research, business and other tasks. Faculty and staff can also submit a help request for software to be installed on their workstations.
  • STATA – The leading statistical analysis software is a key tool in modern quantative research. Our students have access to STATA licensed software for personal use at an exclusive discounted rate available from their website.
  • International Review Board (IRB) – The University’s program on human research protection is based on the three basic ethical tenets of respect for persons, beneficence and justice, and the application of these tenets set forth in the Belmont Report, issued in 1979 by the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research. Georgia State University’s IRB requires that all researchers apply these tenants to all human subjects research, regardless of funding.
  • Qualtrics – Qualtrics is a research tool that allows you to easily create dynamic surveys and analyze their results. With Qualtrics, you can easily distribute surveys and collect information from your class, research groups, and more.

External Scholarships & Assistantships