Faculty-Student Coauthored Publications

Two individuals stand together, smiling.

Ph.D. Student Stefan Martinez-Ruiz with Dr. Sarah Allen Gershon, Associate Professor and Dir. of Graduate Studies

Articles Recently Published by GSU Political Science Faculty with Graduate Student Coauthors

  • Gershon, Sarah Allen, Adrian D. Pantoja, and J. Benjamin Taylor. Forthcoming. “God in the Barrio? The Determinants of Secularism among Latinos in the United States” Politics and Religion.
  • Richey, Sean, and Junyan Zhu. 2015. “New Internet Access Does Not Improve Political Interest, Efficacy or Knowledge.” Political Communication.
  • Howard, Robert, and Shenita Brazelton. 2014. “Specialization in Judicial Decision Making: Comparing Bankruptcy Panels and Federal District Court Judges.” American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review 22 (2): 407-429.
  • Taylor, J. Benjamin, Sarah Allen Gershon, and Adrian D. Pantoja. 2014. “Christian America? Understanding the Link between Church and Attitudes among Latino Immigrants” Politics & Religion 7 (2):339-365.
  • Hankla, Charles R., and Daniel Kuthy. 2013. “Economic Liberalism in Illiberal Regimes: Authoritarian Variation and the Political Economy of Trade.” International Studies Quarterly 57 (3): 492-504.
  • Franklin, Daniel, Sean Richey, and Ryan Yonk. 2013. “Battlegrounds and Budgets: State-level Evidence of Budget Manipulation in Competitive Presidential Election States.” State and Local Government Review 45 (2): 108-115.
  • Ikeda, Ken’ichi, Sean Richey, and Holly Teresi. 2013. “Browsing Alone: The Differential Impact of Internet Platforms on Political Participation.” Japanese Journal of Political Science 14 (3): 305-319.
  • Richey, Sean, and Ben Taylor. 2012. “Who Advocates? Determinants of Political Advocacy in Presidential Election Years.” Political Communication 29 (4): 414-427.
  • Lazarus, Jeffrey, Kyle Barbieri, and Jeffrey Glas. 2012 “Earmarks Elections to the U.S. House of Representatives.” Congress and the Presidency 39: 254-269.
  • Howard, Robert, and Cole Taratoot. 2011. “Accountability and Independence: Administrative Law Judges and NLRB Rulings” American Politics Research 39 (5): 832-858.
  • Lazarus, Jeffrey, Amy McKay, and Lindsey Herbel. Forthcoming. “Who Walks Through the Revolving Door? Examining the Lobbying Activity of Former Members of Congress.” Interest Groups & Advocacy.
  • Howard, Robert, Jeffrey Lazarus, and Jeff Glas. 2015. “The Unintended Consequences of Congressional Action: Judicial Conviction Rates After Congressional Sentencing Reform.” Justice System Journal 36: 304-322.
  • Lazarus, Jeffrey, Kyle Barbieri, and Jeff Glas. 2012. “Earmarks and Elections to the US House of Representatives.” Congress and the Presidency 39: 254-269.
  • Bolsen, Toby, Mike Evans, and Anna McCaghren Fleming. 2016. “A Comparison of Online and Face-to-Face Approaches to Teaching Introduction to American Government.” Journal of Political Science Education.