M.A. in Political Science for Social Studies K-12 Educators

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Program Overview

The Political Science Department at Georgia State University offers an M.A. concentration in Political Science for Educators which can be completed fully online, fully in-person, or with a mix of the two.

  • Offered entirely online for elementary, middle and high school social studies teachers.
  • Degree can be completed during six seven-week minimesters, extending just 15 months with the majority of the work in the summers.
  • Exposes K-12 educators to cutting-edge research in political science.
  • Provides educators with the tools to engage their students in evidence-based conversations about democracy, citizenship and public policy.
  • All courses are taught by full-time faculty and emphasize interaction among students and professors.

This program is geared towards current teachers who want to advance in their profession rather than to pursue a doctorate. Also, it may be of interest to students contemplating a career in teaching or to current or former teachers seeking the qualifications to adjunct at the university level.

Taking the Next Steps

Man sits at a park bench, readingAfter completing the degree, current Georgia teachers working in districts using the traditional pay scale may be eligible to upgrade their certification status and receive a raise (see the Georgia Professional Standards Commission for more details). The degree also may help lead to an Advanced Professional Certificate. Teachers from other states also may be eligible for an upgrade after completing the degree and should check the professional standards in your home state.

Email Dr. Hankla at chankla@gsu.edu if you have questions or would like additional information about the program.

As part of the M.A., students take the following courses:

  1. Required methods course
    ● POLS 6800/POLS 8800 Research Design and Applied Data Analysis (3)
  2. Core seminars in the sub-fields of political science
    ● POLS 6100/POLS 8100 American Politics (3)
    ● POLS 6200/POLS 8200 Comparative Politics (3)
    ● POLS 6400/POLS 8400 International Politics (3)
  3. Courses in the teaching of political science
    ● POLS 6987 Teaching Politics with Simulations (3)
    ● POLS 6988 Teaching American Citizenship (3)
  4. Specialized courses in political science
    ● Coursework in political science at the 6000 or 8000 level (9)
  5. A capstone course in which the student will complete a research project under the supervision of a faculty member.
    ● POLS 6990/POLS 8990 Teaching Politics and Government – Capstone Project (3)