Everything Election 2016

Political Science professors and students speak out about the 2016 election in this collection of videos, events and expert analysis.


The College of Arts and Science recently spoke with three representatives from the GSU Political Science Department on the importance of voting. Watch Ph.D. student Michael Shea, Assistant Professor Lakeyta Bonnette and undergraduate Joseph Velazquez as they explain why you should vote on November 8.

What is the Electoral College?

Do you understand the purpose and benefits of the Electoral College? Recently GSU explored these questions in an interview with Dr. Daniel Franklin who is an expert in American and presidential politics and a Political Science Department professor.

Watch this video to see a brief look at the Electoral College. Read this Q&A on “Everything You Wanted to Know About the Electoral College (But Were Afraid to Ask)” to see GSU Public Relations Specialist Jeremy Craig’s interview with Dr. Franklin about the 538 electors who decide our next president and why.

The worst thing about the Electoral College is “that a candidate can win the presidency without winning the popular vote. And so in that sense, it is an undemocratic institution and that possibility is not theoretical—it did happen in 2000,” explained Dr. Franklin.


GPB Political Rewind

Microphones by American flagListen to Bill Nigut on Georgia Public Broadcasting Atlanta’s Political Rewind on Friday, October 28, at 3:00 p.m. on GPB Atlanta 88.5 FM. Political Science Professor Lakeyta Bonnette and students in her Intro to American Government class will participate in the show. On Political Rewind Nigut breaks down complex political issues for his audience.


Public Panel: Are Our Elections Safe?

Read panelists’ input on voting integrity and advice for students here.

flagJoin us for a bipartisan panel on Election Monitoring  & Integrity. Panelists will discuss election integrity and democratic legitimacy, the potential for election fraud and what election observers and party pollwatchers do. Dr. Carrie Manning, chair of GSU Political Science, will moderate.

The panel includes five experts:

  • Avery Davis-Roberts, associate director of the Carter Center Democracy Program
  • Page Gleason, executive director of Pro-Georgia
  • Michael Jablonski, general counsel for the Georgia Democratic Party
  • Ray Smith, deputy election counsel and statewide poll watcher, Georgia Republican Party
  • Dr. Jennifer McCoy, a Distinguished University Professor of GSU Political Science.

Coffee and cookies will be served before and after the event.

The event is sponsored by the GSU Political Science Department, College Republicans, College Democrats, GSU Political Science Graduate Student Association and Pi Sigma Alpha.

Tuesday, October 25
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Langdale Hall, Room 1076

Expert Analysis

Checks & Balances Prevent Election Rigging

Dr. Sean Richey speaks to 11 Alive News. Title reads, "Fact Check: Trump claims voter fraud could impact election."GSU Political Science Professor Sean Richey tells 11Alive News, “The empirical evidence is quite clear that we do not have large scale voting fraud in America.” Dr. Richey does not agree with Trump’s claim about voter fraud and election rigging being a large scale problem. Richey says there are checks and balances to protect from it, plus there is hard evidence.

Read the full article and watch Dr. Richey on 11Alive News here: “Fact Check: Trump claims voter fraud could impact election.”

McCoy Interviewed by Univision to Analyze the 2016 Election

Dr. McCoy speaks to Univision.Dr. Jennifer McCoy, professor of political science at Georgia State University, spoke with Amanda Ramirez of Univision on the 2016 presidential campaigns and the behavior of the candidates. The interview was conducted in Spanish, and can be accessed here: “Análisis de las campañas de Donald Trump y Hillary Clinton.”


Hankla Discusses Challenges of the TPP

Contact picThe first quarter of 2017 promises to be critical for the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), a trade deal criticized by the presidential candidates of both major parties. GSU Associate Professor of Political Science Charles Hankla has been following the TPP closely. His examination of the issues impacting this landmark agreement have been featured in the news three times in the past two months. Visit our recent article to read and listen to his analysis of this important issue our country is facing.