Distinguished Visiting Professor Christina Bejarano Brings Expertise in Latinos and Women to GSU

Christina Bejarano, assistant professor, political science

“We are honored to have Christina Bejarano as our distinguished visiting professor in Political Science,” said Chair Carrie Manning. “Dr. Bejarano brings a valuable perspective on both Latinos and women to complement Political Science’s other course offerings.”

Dr. Bejarano will teach a Maymester course at GSU, POLS 4190- Studies in American Politics: Latino Politics in the U.S., before returning to her position as an associate professor of political science at the University of Kansas where she teaches American political behavior with a focus on Latinos and women.

Recently she used her expertise when she talked with the LA Times about female candidates running for office, specifically Maria Cabilido who was a candidate for the 34th Congressional District in California. Read the article here.

Dr. Bejarano explained  “that Cabildo broke one of the biggest barriers to most female candidates: deciding to run at all. Women make up less than a quarter of candidates for office.”

“Women usually have to be talked into running,” said Dr. Bejarano. Studies have shown far fewer women ever consider running for office, even though women win at about the same rates as men when they do decide to run.

Her research and teaching interests are in American politics, in particular the areas of gender, race/ethnicity and political behavior. Dr. Bejarano  is particularly interested in studying the conditions under which racial/ethnic minorities and women successfully compete for U.S. electoral office, which is reflected in her book, The Latina Advantage: Gender, Race, and Political Success.

Her work also focuses on how racial/ethnic minorities and women can shape or influence the current electoral environment and reflected in her book, The Latino Gender Gap in U.S. Politics.

Dr. Bejarano currently serves on the editorial board for Politics & Gender Journal.  Also, she is on the national advisory council for LatinasRepresent, a joint initiative working to increase Latina political leadership and representation. Dr. Bejarano earned her Ph.D. and M.A. in political science from the University of Iowa and her B.A. in psychology from the University of North Texas.