Interview: Sandoval’s Effort for Democracy in Venezuela

In an interview with GSU News Hub, Claudio Sandoval discussed his journey serving Venezuela amid its recent political turmoil.

Mr. Sandoval, LL.M. ’19 and a former Political Science PhD student at Georgia State University, was appointed as the Venezuelan Ambassador to Honduras early this year, which is a position full of challenges considering that… more »

Goldberg’s Research Cited in the NY Times

Posted On June 3, 2018
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The work of Zach Goldberg, a GSU PhD student of Political Science, is featured in a New York Times opinion piece by Thomas B. Edsall. The author referred to Goldberg’s research on the ideological trends among liberal, moderate and conservative whites in the US to support his argument that white liberals have been moving sharply… more »

Washington Post Features Richey’s New Book: Google and Democracy

Ever wondered how can Google affect democracy? GSU’s Dr. Sean Richey and Dr. J. Benjamin Taylor, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, tackle this interesting relationship in a new book entitled Google and Democracy: Politics and the Power of the Internet. The newly released book is featured in the Washington Post through an interview… more »

GALEO Leadership Institute Graduate – Eddie Aviles

Posted On December 6, 2017
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Eduardo Aviles, a Master’s student in the Political Science department, just graduated from GALEO’s Leadership Institute.  According to their website, GALEO’s mission is to increase civic engagement and leadership among the Latino/Hispanic community across Georgia. After asking Eduardo his thoughts about the leadership institute he stated that “I had no idea how much of an… more »

Republicans Are The Party of Ideological Inconsistency

Posted On October 9, 2017
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Why do Republicans have trouble passing legislation regardless of the fact that Republicans control both the Executive and Legislative branches? In a Monkey Cage article for the Washington Post, Dr. Robert Lupton of the University of Connecticut, Dr. William Myers of the University of Tampa, and GSU’s Dr. Judd Thorton break down why Republicans are… more »

2017-2018 APSA Minority Fellowship Program Fellow

The American Political Science Association (APSA) is pleased to announce that Abigail Bowen, a second year PhD student at Georgia State University, has been named as a 2017-2018 APSA Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) Fellow, Spring Cycle.

Abigail Bowen is a second year PhD student at Georgia State University. She received her Bachelor of Arts… more »

Dr. Sarah Gershon Wins Prestigious Jelen Award

Posted On March 3, 2017
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The Inaugural Ted G. Jelen Award Goes to…Associate Professor Sarah Allen Gershon, Director of Graduate Studies in Political Science at Georgia State University; Assistant Professor J. Benjamin Taylor, GSU alumni who now is an assistant professor at UNC-Wilmington; and Adrian D. Pantoja.

The award recognizes the best paper published in politics and religion in 2016.… more »

Grad Profile Template 2

Posted On December 11, 2016
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Ph.D. Candidate

Office: 932 Langdale Hall Email: apauley1@gsu.edu Website: alexandracpauley.com Hometown: Atlanta, GA Download Curriculum Vitae


American Politics Comparative Politics

Research Areas

Entertainment Media Effects, Media Studies, Political Psychology, Terrorism Studies

What drew you to the department?

“The supportive environment. My work is interdisciplinary, but instead of trying to rein me… more »

Havana, Cuba

International Political Economy

Reflection written by Lina Machado from the 2015 Cuba trip.

This trip was an amazing experience especially due to the fact that we got to go in the precise moment when things are rapidly changing for Cuba. I was extremely lucky to go back to this beautiful country and being able to witness and… more »