McCoy Speaks to NPR on Polarization in Venezuela

NPR’s The Democracy Test hosted Dr. Jennifer McCoy to speak about polarization in Venezuela. The Democracy Test is a six-part series from Truth, Politics and Power hosted by Neal Conan and historian Heather Cox Richardson and interviews academics about stressors on American democracy historically and today.

The second episode, called House Divided, includes an interview… more »

Steigerwalt Discusses Early Voting on GPB’s Political Rewind

Posted On October 22, 2018
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GPB News’ Political Rewind hosted Dr. Amy Steigerwalt to discuss early voting in Georgia. In addition to GSU’s Professor of Political Science, the edition — entitled “Voter Suppression Allegations, Big Spending On Ads” — featured Greg Bluestein, Political Reporter at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Democratic Strategist Howard Franklin, and Republican Strategist Jackie Cushman.

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GSU Interns “Inside Atlanta’s Immigrant Cages”

Posted On August 9, 2018
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The Project South and Georgia Detention Watch released a 105-page report on the conditions for detained immigrants in Georgia. GSU interns, Trevont Johnson and Pedro Ortiz, were among the team that produced the “Inside Atlanta’s Immigrant Cages” report involving a year-long documentation process and interviews with 38 detained immigrants and several immigration attorneys. Among other… more »

Is Trump Master Negotiator or Malleable Amateur? Hankla’s Take

Posted On June 13, 2018

Charles Hankla, Associate Professor of Political Science, explains the dangers of Trump’s inconsistent and aggressive trade policies in an opinion piece published by The Conversation. “Inconsistent and aggressive trade policies, whether produced by a master negotiator or a malleable amateur, risk poisoning the mutual trust necessary to make such a system function,” Hankla argues. The… more »

GSU Students to Take Part in Democratic Erosion Conference

Posted On June 13, 2018
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Three GSU students will be taking part in the Democratic Erosion Conference organized by Brown University in August 2018. The students were selected out of those who successfully completed courses on Polarization and Democratic Erosion, taught be Dr. Jennifer McCoy, as part of cross-university collaboration programs over the Spring of 2018. Sam Sharman (Political Science),… more »