Political Science Vision, Mission & Values

Skyline with Georgia Capitol building.


The vision of Georgia State University’ Political Science Department is to . . .

  • Investigate the most crucial questions in politics and society.
  • Engage and inspire students.
  • Foster global understanding and civic participation.
  • Strengthen a culture of respect, inclusion, and collaboration.


The mission of Georgia State University’ Political Science Department is to . . .

  • Advance knowledge through research, teaching, and public outreach.
  • Promote diverse research agendas and support research excellence.
  • Create inclusive, respectful, challenging, and collaborative learning environments.
  • Foster engaged citizenship.

We accomplish our mission by:

  • Engaging in and disseminating high quality research.
  • Encouraging faculty and student collaboration.
  • Providing inclusive and excellent educational opportunities to students of diverse backgrounds.
  • Preparing students to contribute to their communities as engaged citizens, leaders, and scholars.
  • Educating students so that they are highly qualified for their chosen careers.



We value This means that we (faculty, staff & students)
Curiosity & the Pursuit of Knowledge Encourage critical thinking by raising, exploring, engaging, and challenging new ideas and new ways of thinking.
Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion Invite, recognize, and engage people of all backgrounds and identities, including, but not limited to races, ages, ethnicities, nationalities, religious beliefs, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities.
Empathy & Mentorship Enable friendly, cooperative, and supportive environments that facilitate interaction with and among students, colleagues, staff, and faculty.
Fairness Are open, impartial, and transparent in evaluation and communication.
Honesty & Integrity Are truthful in our behavior, interactions, relationships, and scholarly work.
Respect Affirm the inherent worth and dignity of human beings.
Research Pluralism Support diverse scholarship, including subjects and methodologies.