McCoy Featured in the NYT on Polarization, Electoral Reform

Dr. Jennifer McCoy was interviewed for a NY Times opinion article on electoral reform as a response to the current political polarization. Thomas B. Edsall discussed the emergence of the far-right and explored different proposals by political scholars on the kind of political reform needed.

Dr. McCoy, Political Science Professor at Georgia State University, preferred a “ranked-choice voting with some multi-member districts for state and national legislatures, and proportional representation (by state popular vote, not by Congressional district which are already gerrymandered) for the Electoral College.” She argued that such reform “could all be accomplished with just legislative change, no constitutional amendments.”

Dr. McCoy was named a Distinguished University Professor in the inaugural class of 2013 and served as Director of the Global Studies Institute (2015-16). Prior to this, Dr. McCoy served as Director of the Carter Center’s Americas Program (1998-2015), leading projects on democratic strengthening, mediation and dialogue, and hemispheric cooperation. 

Read the NY Time article here.