Altman Wins Foreign Affairs Emerging Scholars Global Policy Prize

Posted On October 22, 2020

Dr. Dan Altman has been awarded The University of Pennsylvania’s Perry World House and Foreign Affairs Emerging Scholars Global Policy Prize. The competition promotes scholars dedicated to making research on global issues accessible to policymakers.

In his essay, entitled “The Future of Territorial Conquest,” Dr. Altman found that although the relationship between conquest and war may seem traditionally and intellectually straightforward, more and more, conquest has come to operate on a different logic: first seize a piece of territory, then try to avoid war. Conquest today looks like what Russia has done in Crimea and what China is attempting in the South China Sea.

The $10,000 prize supports and provides a unique publishing opportunity for emerging scholars with limited eligibility to junior faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and advanced graduate students.

Dr. Dan Altman is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Georgia State University. His research examines issues of international security, focusing on questions of strategy and statecraft on the brink of war. Dr. Altman is developing two books, Territorial Conquest in the Modern Era and Red Lines in International Politics.