Feit Awarded Contemporary Political Theory’s Best Paper Prize

Posted On October 8, 2018
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The Contemporary Political Theory journal awards Dr. Mario Feit its 2018 Best Paper prize for his article on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s democratic impatience.

The article, described by the committee as “path-breaking,” argues that King demonstrates that impatience is a democratic virtue. It builds on impatient knowledge to argue that democratic impatience aides in overcoming undemocratic legacies, fosters democratic subjectivity and agency, ensures political accountability, and creates a more inclusive practice of democratic belonging.

Composed of faculty from the Birkbeck University of London, University of Chicago, and University of Sydney, the committee states that “the connection Feit insists upon between underlying theoretical positions and political practices (in this case, regarding claims and counter-claims about the pace of democratic change) represents an approach we would like to commend to the journal’s future contributors.”

Dr. Feit is an Associate Professor of Political Theory at Georgia State University. His research areas are in modern and democratic political theory. In particular, Dr. Feit writes about political dimensions of time. He is working on a book manuscript on Democratic Impatience, which recuperates impatience as a democratic virtue and temporality. This work engages Martin Luther King, Jr., Thomas Paine, and Sheldon Wolin, among other democratic theorists.

Founded in the UK in 2002, Contemporary Political Theory (CPT) is a top rank of peer-reviewed journals in political theory and philosophy, according to its website.

Click here to access Feit’s “Democratic Impatience: Martin Luther King, Jr. on Democratic Temporality”