Republicans Are The Party of Ideological Inconsistency

Posted On October 9, 2017
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Why do Republicans have trouble passing legislation regardless of the fact that Republicans control both the Executive and Legislative branches? In a Monkey Cage article for the Washington Post, Dr. Robert Lupton of the University of Connecticut, Dr. William Myers of the University of Tampa, and GSU’s Dr. Judd Thorton break down why Republicans are the party of ideological inconsistency. The theoretical expectation surrounding the difference between partisans’ policy attitudes and their ideology is tested using the Convention Delegate Study and the American National Election Study. The findings are substantively striking. Overall, they find that Republicans were much less cohesive than Democrats, even on issues of high salience like that of abortion. These findings are bad news for the Republican party in their quest to push through future legislation. As major policy issues continue to divide the GOP, the authors argue that little progress will be made on the priorities of the Executive or Legislative branches.

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