Tahmina Rahman

Tahmina Rahman

Office: 928 Langdale Hall
Email: trahman1@gsu.edu
Hometown: Jessore, Bangladesh


Comparative Politics
International Politics

Research Areas

Identity Politics, Political and Social Polarization, Party System Development, Civil Society.


  • Master of Arts, Political Science, Georgia State University, 2016
    M.A. Thesis: Radicalization of State and Civil Society: A Comparative Study of MENA and South Asia
  • Master of Arts, Counterterrorism, Intelligence and International Security Major, Macquire University, Australia 2013
  • Master of Social Sciences, International Relations Major, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh 2008
  • Bachelor of Arts, International Relations Major, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh 2007


  • Mccoy, Jennifer and Tahmina Rahman (2016) ‘Polarized Democracies in Comparative Perspective: Toward a Conceptual Framework.’
  • Rahman, Tahmina (2013). ‘Water Diplomacy between India and Bangladesh in a Globalized World: Overcoming the Limits of State Sovereignty’. Journal of International Affairs, 17(1 & 2): 81-104.
  • Ahlawat, Dalbir; and Tahmina Rahman (2014). ‘India`s Afghan Strategy: Revisiting Kautilya.’ Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies Journal, 35(2):147-16.

Teaching Experience

  • Georgia State Univeristy
    • POLS 2401: Global Issues. In-person lecture. Spring 2015, Summer 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2017
  • University of Dhaka
    • International Security, Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, Politics of Globalization, Ideologies in World Affairs, Gender and International Relations, Introduction to Global Issues. In-person lectures. 2010-2014


  • 2017 – Outstanding Graduate Student in Political Science, College of Arts and Sciences, Georgia State University
  • 2012 – Endeavor Postgraduate Awards, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, Australian Government
  • 2009 – German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Fellowship

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