Go Back to Basics in the Middle East

Posted On December 7, 2016
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Two people in suits sit at a table with their backs to the camera, facing a large crowd in a circular room.

“It’s extraordinary how unraveled our relationships have become in the broader Middle East. Go back to basics,” said U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker in a student-faculty dialogue with Political Science Senior Lecturer Chris Brown on Nov. 29 at Georgia State University.

Chair of Political Science Carrie Manning introduced Ambassador Crocker before the program that focused on war in the Middle East and the challenges that lie ahead for President-Elect Donald Trump and his administration.


Dr. Brown with Ambassador Crocker

“This student-faculty dialogue comes at a time of deep concern about the Middle East and the U.S.’s evolving role,” said Dr. Brown. “The tragedy that is Syria, the current push against ISIS in Iraq and the ongoing strength of the Taliban in Afghanistan are amongst the many pressing issues incoming President Donald Trump will face from this critical complex region of the world. I can think of no better person than Ambassador Crocker to get at the heart of these issues and assess our new president’s proposed ideas.”

Crocker is the former U.S. ambassador of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Kuwait and Lebanon. Dr. Brown, V.P. for research and analysis for the World Affairs Council of Atlanta, and Charles Shapiro, president of WAC Atlanta, organized the event.

Three people stand in suits in front of a wood-paneled background and podium.

Ph.D. Candidate Michael Shea with Ambassador Crocker and Dr. Brown

This event was hosted by the Georgia State University Department of Political Science and the World Affairs Council of Atlanta in the Law School Ceremonial Courtroom. Sponsors were the GSU Office of International Initiatives, GSU Honors College, GSU Global Studies Institute and Phi Sigma Alpha.

Browse through the World Affair’s Council collection of photos from the event, or watch a video of the discussion.