Zoukis Research Collaborative Announces Best Paper Award Winner

Posted On May 30, 2016
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ROTA20Morris201The Zoukis Research Collaborative in the department of political science at Georgia State University is pleased to announce that Professor Robert Morris, UT-Dallas, is this year’s winner of the Zoukis Best Paper Award. Professor Morris’s outstanding paper,“Exploring the effect of exposure to short-term solitary confinement among violent prison inmates,” was published in the Journal of Quantitative Criminology in 2015. The research highlights an important and understudied issue with novel state-level data and provides a compelling empirical analysis of the effects of short-term solitary confinement on recently incarcerated inmates who have committed a violent infraction. The cash prize of $1,500.00 will be awarded to Professor Morris in the CURVE facility in Library South at Georgia State University on May 31, 2016, at the Zoukis Summer Institute.

The Awards Committee received numerous excellent submissions from across several different academic disciplines. We therefore would like to also recognize the following excellent papers that were ranked as among the Top Five submissions:

  • “Risk, proportionality, and sentencing: Guideline circumvention in federal child pornography and sexual abuse cases,” Matthew S. Crow and Paula S. Lannes. 2015. Criminal Justice Policy Review 26(6): 575–595.
  • “A rhetorical balancing act: Tough-on-crime politics in the Netherlands,” Christopher M. Campbell, Susanna A. M. Rijkhoff, and David A. Makin.
  • “Dehumanization and the role of biological racism in politics,” Ashley Jardina and Spencer Piston.
  • “‘Punishment’s twin’: Theorizing prisoner reentry for a politics of abolition,” Renée M. Byrd.

Awards Committee

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