Dr. Lakeyta Bonnette talks about confederate flag and popular culture on GPB 88.5

Posted On July 1, 2015
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On Second Thought for Tuesday, June 30, 2015: Headlee discusses the Confederate flag’s place in pop culture with Southern pop culture blogger and University of North Carolina history professor Karen Cox and Lakeyta Bonnette, a Georgia State University political science/Black political attitudes professor. Finally, for over a year, two filmmakers have been documenting people and places with strong ties to the Confederate Flag, including a black woman who proudly displays her flag for interesting reasons, a Georgia man who has an informal museum with racist memorabilia, and a one man launching a “Confederate rap battle.” Host Celeste Headlee talks to Logan Jaffe and Zach Segilko, the producers behind the ongoing online video series, “Battle Flag.” Listen to the entire podcast here

Dr. Lakeyta Bonnette
Assistant Professor
Political Science