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Mario Feit

Associate Professor    ,

Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University 2004


Mario Feit is an Associate Professor of Political Theory at Georgia State University. His research areas are in modern and democratic political theory. In particular, Dr. Feit writes about political dimensions of time. He is working on a book manuscript on Democratic Impatience, which recuperates impatience as a democratic virtue and temporality. This work engages Martin Luther King, Jr., Thomas Paine, and Sheldon Wolin, among other democratic theorists. His current research builds on his book Democratic Anxieties: Same-Sex Marriage, Death, and Citizenship (Lexington, 2011), which employs another time horizon – mortality – to think about democratic inclusion. With a paper on Downton Abbey Dr. Feit has furthermore begun a third book project on the democratic imagination, which will draw on television to expand the political theory archive.


Democratic Anxieties: Same-Sex Marriage, Death, and Citizenship (Lexington Books, 2011)

“Wolin, Time and the Democratic Temperament,” Theory & Event, vol. 15, no. 4 (2012)

“Extinction Anxieties: Same-Sex Marriage and Modes of Citizenship,” Theory & Event, vol. 8, no. 3 (2005)