Dr. Sarah Gershon Wins Prestigious Jelen Award

Posted On March 3, 2017
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The Inaugural Ted G. Jelen Award Goes to…Associate Professor Sarah Allen Gershon, Director of Graduate Studies in Political Science at Georgia State University; Assistant Professor J. Benjamin Taylor, GSU alumni who now is an assistant professor at UNC-Wilmington; and Adrian D. Pantoja.

The award recognizes the best paper published in politics and religion in 2016.… more »

Grad Profile Template 2

Posted On December 11, 2016
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Ph.D. Candidate

Office: 932 Langdale Hall Email: apauley1@gsu.edu Website: alexandracpauley.com Hometown: Atlanta, GA Download Curriculum Vitae


American Politics Comparative Politics

Research Areas

Entertainment Media Effects, Media Studies, Political Psychology, Terrorism Studies

What drew you to the department?

“The supportive environment. My work is interdisciplinary, but instead of trying to rein me… more »

Havana, Cuba

International Political Economy

Reflection written by Lina Machado from the 2015 Cuba trip.

This trip was an amazing experience especially due to the fact that we got to go in the precise moment when things are rapidly changing for Cuba. I was extremely lucky to go back to this beautiful country and being able to witness and… more »

Dr. Amy Steigerwalt is warded 2013 Hughes Gossett Award at the U.S. Supreme Court Historical Society Annual Gala

Posted On June 12, 2015
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Dr. Amy Steigerwalt, along with coauthors Dr. Pamela Corley and Dr. Artemus Ward, were presented by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia with the 2013 Hughes Gossett Award at the U.S. Supreme Court Historical Society Annual Gala. The Hughes Gossett Award is given for the best article published in the Journal of Supreme History… more »

Professor Kim Reimann receives OII Faculty Award for Global Engagement 2014

Posted On March 30, 2015
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Dr. Kim DoHyang Reimann, Associate Professor in Political Science and Director of the Asian Studies Center at GSU, is the 2014 recipient of the Office of International Initiative’s (OII) Faculty Award for Global Engagement.

International Honorary Reception

This award ”honors and recognizes outstanding academic and service accomplishments and contributions to international education by Georgia… more »

Dr. Lakeyta Bonnette’s new book “Pulse of the People”

Posted On March 23, 2015
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Hip-Hop music encompasses an extraordinarily diverse range of approaches to politics. Some rap and Hip-Hop artists engage directly with elections and social justice organizations; others may use their platform to call out discrimination, poverty, sexism, racism, police brutality, and other social ills. In Pulse of the People, Lakeyta M. Bonnette illustrates the ways rap… more »

Turkey and the Middle East Study Abroad 2015

Posted On March 20, 2015
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Turkey and the Middle East offers an unforgettable 14 day study abroad experience. The objective of the program is to examine Turkey’s increasingly central role in the new Middle East emerging in the aftermath of the revolts against dictatorships in the region. A secondary and related objective is to visit one of the politically… more »

Dr. Daniel P. Franklin’s new book “Pitiful Giants”

Posted On March 15, 2015
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Since ratification of the 22nd Amendment in 1951, five American presidents—Eisenhower, Reagan, Clinton, Bush, and Obama—have been elected to serve a second term. Presumably, by virtue of their term-limited status, these presidents are free from electoral pressure to pursue policies in the public interest, but this is a questionable assumption. Second term presidents face… more »